brand new factory clearance with discounts from 30% off RRP


We are Singapore's first concept store to offer designer furniture in Singapore at affordable prices.

We specialise in curating furniture items that are on surplus clearance and factory rejects due to minor cosmetic defects. The Reject Shop sells a wide range of furniture items that are brand new but have been rejected due to minor defects or damages during the manufacturing process. These items are sold at a lower price compared to similar products available in the market. We believe that it is important for customers to view these items in person before making a purchase online because they may have concerns or questions about the quality of the product. By allowing customers to view and inspect the items in person, they can see the nature of the defect or damage and make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase the item.  Furthermore, customers can get a better sense of the product's size, texture, and color when they see it in person. This can help them make an informed decision about whether or not the product will meet their expectations and needs. In summary, by allowing customers to view rejected furniture items in person before purchasing them online, we aim to provide a transparent and informative shopping experience. We want our customers to feel confident about their purchase and ensure that they are satisfied with the product they receive.

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With our business model of offering furniture from stock clearance and items with minor factory defects, we are able to provide the best price point to our customers in Singapore. Get more value for your money by shopping at The Reject Shop!

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We aim to bring great quality products for our customers to choose from so they can get their dream furniture within an affordable price range. We also offer a trove of limited-edition home décor and furniture items acquired from stock clearance.



We are currently planning to give our support to vulnerable communities across Singapore by giving away home furniture to those in need. We are interested in partnering with non- profit organisations that can synergise with us to turn this vision into reality.



We aim to foster environmental protection by helping companies reduce their furniture wastage and offering these furniture to our customers who are looking for cost effective products without compromising on the quality. Go green with The Reject Shop!